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  • MOANA Beef Special €13.90

    Brown rice, Moana Aïoli, soybean sprout, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, red onions, marinated beef, cashew, walnuts and sesame mix.

  • Poké Crispy Chicken €12.90

    Sushi rice, Sriracha mayo, mango, mini cucumber, red onions, avocado, chicken fillet, crispy onion, cashewnuts, Japanese Kamaya mix and spring onions.


    Sushi Rice, Sriracha mayo, red onions, avocado, wakame, surimi crab, edamame, nordic salmon, cashewnuts, Japanese Kamaya mix, sesame mix and massago.

  • SPICY MAYO TUNA €13.90

    Sushi rice, Sriracha mayo, Wasabi mayo, radish, wakame, red onions, mini cucumbers, edamame, Ahi Tuna, jalapeños, Wasabi crunch, chili flakes and spring onion.

  • GINGER SALMON+ €13.90

    Brown rice, Japanese ginger water sauce, avocado, edamame, wakame, corn, carrots, nordic salmon, seeds mix, walnuts and pickled ginger.

Fruit Bubble Tea

  • Miss Strawberry €5.60

    (Strawberry bubbles, strawberry flavor & Jasmine green tea)

  • Mango Tango €5.60

    (Mango bubbles, Mango flavor & Jasmine Green Tea)

  • Sweet Surprise €5.60

    (Green Apple bubbles, Watermelon flavor & Jasmine Green Tea)

  • Yellow Passion €5.60

    (Lychee bubbles, Mango flavor & Jasmine Green Tea)

  • Lychee €5.60
  • Green Apple €5.60
  • Passionfruits €5.60
  • Kiwi €5.60
  • Pineapple €5.60
  • Watermelon €5.60
  • Raspberry €5.60
  • Peach €5.60
  • Blueberry €5.60

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Jupiler 33cl €2.80
  • Leffe Blond 33cl €4.50
  • Leffe Bruin 33cl €4.50
  • Duvel 33cl €4.50
  • Rosé €3.80
  • White wine €4.50
  • Bottle of Rosé or white €18

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